Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three – Escape Artist

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three – Escape Artist

Professor Slip is a laid-back guy. He won’t lure you into any traps that could prove fatal. If you could just sneak into the area where the Monument of Escape is and tag it, he’d be happy. Collect the necessary materials before signing your name to this historic monument. Can you make it through the barrier and accomplish your mission? Test your skills as an Escape Artist here.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three - Escape Artist

How to Complete Mission Three – Escape Artist in Escape Academy?

The appropriately titled “Escape Artist” level can be a challenge for newcomers to Escape Academy. You’ll have to spray-paint your name on a monument as a rite of passage not long after enrolling in the eponymous Escape Academy, where a self-proclaimed “escape artist” named Slip will give you your first assignment. Accessing the landmark is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

To begin, please be aware that Escape Academy is a timed experience. Be sure to properly pause the game before returning to it after reading this guide. To pause, press the Options button on Xbox or the Esc key on a computer. Remember that the inventory screen is distinct from the pause screen. If you don’t pause the game properly, the clock will keep ticking.

Getting the Spray Paint

A can of spray paint is the first thing you’ll need. To do this, head down the hallway and into the studio on your left. Picking up a few necessities once inside is a must. You should take the following from the room:

  • Paint-Stained Bananas – In the center cabinet
  • Paint-Stained Cheese – On the stool by the easels
  • Paint-Stained Wine – Laying on the bag on the chair in front of the easels

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three - Escape Artist

After collecting everything, place it on the table in the middle of the studio. Check the back of the items once they’ve been placed to reveal the secret code 139. To unlock the cabinet, use this code on the lock. To counteract invisible ink, please remove the bottle from its hiding place. Make a series of lines appear on the wall using the Anti-Invisible Ink, as shown in the image below.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three - Escape Artist

Following the lines from the turnstiles to the door on the left to the colors on the right will help you solve this section of the puzzle. Following this, you’ll know which color to set each turnstile. The turnstiles must be arranged in the following color sequence, starting at the top:

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green

Entering the correct code will unlock the door leading to the classroom teacher’s office. To obtain the spray paint, please enter the building and open the metal cabinet.

Getting to the Monument

You have some more time in the studio yet. Please check the left metal cabinet before you leave. Crack it open and take out the Open Sesame Painting. Put the painting back into the frame and hang it up in the studio. The painting will be shredded into pieces that will fall to the base of the frame. In order to restore the original painting, you’ll have to rearrange the fragments. Please refer to the image below as a guide.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three - Escape Artist

If you can reassemble the painting, you’ll be given the combination to the door next to the teacher’s office. Up, Down, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down is the secret code. To enter the room we will refer to as “the storage room,” please enter the code provided. You can use a scanner on the right side of the storage room. Pictures on the paintings behind it will be revealed. Check out the first three artworks from left to right. The following statues’ images will be revealed:

  • Fountain
  • Cube
  • Keyhole

Walk out into the courtyard and take a look at the statues. Each one has a yellow dot spray-painted on it. Keep these notations in mind. The safe combination can be found on the back of the final painting in the storage room. To unlock the safe, please use the following controls.

  • Center left button
  • Center right button
  • Bottom left button

To obtain the Strange Sculpture, you must first unlock the safe containing it. Within the secure area, you may also make out a vase-like form. You won’t be able to grab this, unfortunately.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three - Escape Artist

Take the Strange Sculpture outside and mount it on the door’s massive mug. Anatomically speaking, this is the nose of the face. There are vases to the left and right of the door; you need to find the ones that correspond with the image in the safe. Check out the finer points of the depicted faces on the vases. The eyes, eyebrows, and mouth can be placed correctly following these instructions. The face must be in this specific orientation:

  • Everyone’s looking down and to the left (their left, not yours)
  • Both eyebrows should be raised in a leftward direction.
  • An open-mouth posture is appropriate.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three - Escape Artist

To enter what we will call the statue room, knock on the door, and it will be opened. The keys are on the floor on either side of the statue as soon as you enter the room. Keys are labeled with the numbers 2 and 5. In total, there are seven keys here. Go to the door marked “7” and unlock it using the two keys. Silhouettes will line the area around the first room’s entrance. If you take a look at the silhouettes, you can figure out which way the statues in the room are facing.

Get the three keys from the unlocked door, then go through the gate marked “10.” To unlock the gate, you’ll need the numbers 7 and 3. You can’t finish this room until you restore the decapitated heads of the statues that decorate it. Look at the picture below, or examine the paintings on the wall near the gate.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three - Escape Artist

Use the key you just found in the door that opened to unlock the last gate. One must arrange the busts on the pedestals in ascending height order to finish the final room. You can figure out which of the characters is the tallest by starting with the paintings surrounding the gateway. The correct arrangement of the statues is depicted in the following image.

Escape Academy: How to Complete Mission Three - Escape Artist

If you line up the statues just so, the door will slide open. Involve yourself with the monument by ascending the path leading up to it. As a result, you’ll be compelled to use the spray paint you picked up earlier to mark the monument in some way.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can complete Mission Three Escape Artist in Escape Academy. We hope this guide has helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out other Escape Academy guides for Mission One – Introductions and Mission Two Entrance Exam.

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